Family’s Dogs Miss Them So Much They Manage To Escape Through The Roof

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Some dogs are extremely clever and will go to any lengths to try and escape. Dogs are known to dig holes under fences and jump over barriers in order to run away and explore. For one dog in England, however, he took his escape route to all new heights.

Cathryn Wood was out for lunch with her husband, Phil, when their dogs caused a scene.  As the couple returned from dinner, they saw a swarm of emergency responders at their home.

At first, they though their residence was on fire, but soon learned their dogs were the reason for alarm. Before long, they saw Phil’s parents’ dog, Tammy, and their dog, Maple, on the roof.

The mischievous dogs got out of a bedroom window and climbed onto the roof.

“People couldn’t believe it, they were like, ‘oh my God’, and there was a crowd of people watching,” Wood shared.

Since the family’s attic gets hot, Wood has been leaving the window open but plans to change that behavior. Wood’s husband’s stepfather was able to climb out the window and bring Tammy back inside to safety. Maple was found running through the street in town.

Press play on the video below to see the roof rescue.